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At Harry Albert Lettings & Estates, your property is our priority. We're experts in our local market and we're known for our ability to maximise the income earned from your property through our range of services. Our landlord and property investor clients enjoy an income even during void periods using our Short Term Accommodation Management Service which we include free of charge if you instruct us to let and manage your property (worth £249).

Tenant Find

Expert Marketing &
Carefully Selected Tenants

We use a proven marketing strategy to position your property in front of thousands of potential tenants. This includes expert listing creation, advertising through our website, property portals, classified ads, social media and offline media. We pride ourselves on our ability to thoroughly reference, background and select the right tenants the first time, every time. We do this through our range of partners and our own due diligence. We fully reference, background, credit and affordability check your tenants and insist on guarantors where necessary. We also carry out right to rent checks. We construct the tenancy agreement, check the tenant in and we can also carry out an inventory report.

Full Management

Fully Managed
Property Services

Our full property management service gives you peace of mind with our regular inspections, deposit collection and registration, rent collection, repairs and maintenance and more. We also deal with tenant liason and more! When it gets near to the end of the tenancy agreement, we liase with the tenant to find out if they want to renew their contract or move out, in which case we will either renew the tenancy (we don't charge renewal fees) or remarket the property accordingly, we will also carry out an end of tenancy inspection and raise any deposit disputes where necessary. For more information in whats included in our Full Property Management Service navigate to our How to Rent section of our website.

Maximum Property Revnues

Multiple Different
Property Revenues

Through our range of services available to landlords, including traditional lettings and property management and short term property management services, we can generate multiple streams of income from your property, even during void periods! We can also offer expert advice on how to withdraw and recycle the capital gains from your properties to increase your portfolio and generate a larger rental income. Perhaps you don't own a house or flat but instead you want to rent out your caravan or let your holiday home or chalet, in which case, you'll be most suitable under our Short-Term Accommodation Management Service.

Our Fees:

We offer comprehensive property management services and as such, our fees can vary depending on the service you require. All of our fees are free from VAT. Our standard charges are as follows but if there is anything you require but appears to be missing, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Click here if you're looking for Short-Term Accommodation Management.

Tenant Find Only:


Inventory with photography: £25 per room (minimum charge £125).

Full Property Management:

Set-Up Fee: £100 (You only pay this once!)

Tenant Find: £99

7% of the monthly rent collected

Renewal of an existing Tenancy Agreement: Free

Free Property Management Transfer Service:

If you're looking to move your property which is already managed by another agency, we won't charge you any fees for this. We don't charge any extra fees for the renewal of the tenancy agreement, re-registration of the tenant's security deposit to our approved custodial scheme and dealing with the administration involved where required when transferring a tenanted property.

Let OnlyFully Managed
Property Valuation
Expert Marketing with Proven Marketing Strategies
Supply & Erect a ‘To Let’ board if required
Negotiating terms with potential Tenants
Complete Tenant Referencing (including affordability and credit checks)
Right to Rent Checks
Gas Safety Checks* & yearly renewals
Energy Performance Certificates & ten-yearly renewals*
Electrical Safety Inspections where necessary*
Tenancy Agreement & all legally required admin
Schedule of Condition & Inventory
Serving of prescribed information
Tenant Check-in/Check-out
Council Tax & Utilities Notification
Collection & registration of deposit
Regular Property Inspections**
Provide Inspection Reports
Transferring monthly rent & Issuing rent statements
Arranging repairs & maintenance
Free advice on property improvements/decorating
Payment of Invoices
Handling deposit disputes
Rent Guarantee***
Re-letting the property to avoid loss of rental income
Subsequent Schedule of Condition and Inventory Upgrade*
No Fee Sale by Auction

*Charged at cost.

**We carry out inspections every six months where access is granted by tenants. Additional Inspections can be carried out at a cost of £50 per Inspection.

***Subject to tenant referencing.

If you'd like to learn more about being a landlord or your obligations, click here.

Get Started

Step 1: Get In Touch or just Get Started

To get the ball rolling, we offer a free initial property consultation to find out and assess your needs as a client and to help you bring your properties up to at least the minimum standards demanded and deserved by our tenant clients and guests who occupy the property under the short-term accommodation service. You can contact us by email or phone and we'll be happy to meet you at a convenient location or at the property concerned. Alternatively, you can complete the Property Management Form by clicking the 'Get Started' link above or below and we will contact you!

Step 2: Property Consultation

When we meet, we will discuss the property, your wants and needs and we will discuss how best to maximise your property incomes. We will also provide a valuation and market appraisal for the rentability of the property in your area. Because of changing legislations and increased costs of compliance, it is important to us that these costs are properly reflected in the rent your tenants pay. We will also go through our management agreement and collect payment of any upfront fees due.

Step 3: Expert Marketing

Once we've completed the consultation, we will take photographs of the property and begin to construct an expert listing. If the property is furnished already, we can also craft a professional listing on the various platforms we use to generate further incomes; we use dynamic pricing for our short-term accommodation service which lowers the price when demand is low and increases the price when demand is high, maximising occupancy and therefore income. We then upload the rental listing to our website, property portals and use a range of other marketing and advertising strategies including social media and offline advertising.

Step 4: Careful Tenant Selection

Once we find a suitable tenant, we will begin a thorough background and reference check, this will also include credit and affordability checks as well as right to rent checks; we will review bank statements of our tenants to ensure they can afford the rent prior to moving in and do everything in our power to ensure you get the perfect tenant first time, every time.

Step 5: Inventory & Check-In

Once the referencing and background checking proves satisfactory, we will move on to the next stage which will involve drawing up a tenancy agreement, carrying out an inventory report (if required), collect and register the deposit and check the tenant in. We will then follow up with the tenant two weeks after they've checked in to make sure everything is OK and to arrange a convenient time for their first inspection after moving into the property.

Step 6: Full Property Management

We are then all set up and ready to go. We continue to collect the rent, conduct regular inspections, arrange repairs and maintenance within the confines of our management agreement. Nearer the end of the tenancy, we will liase with the tenant to find out if they'd like to move out or renew the agreement (we don't charge for tenancy renewals). If, at any point, the tenant turns out to be less than satisfactory, we will begin proceedings to evict the tenant or where necessary, instruct eviction specialists to assist in the eviction. Once the tenancy is concluded will then remarket the property and begin the process again to find another perfect tenant for your property.

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